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Digital displays

Our digital displays feature a commercial display, a built-in media player, and matching content management system software. The all-in-one solution makes them easier to install, easier to maintain and more cost-effective. Need we say more?

Digital displays can be used in various sectors. Just think of real estate, hospitality, retail, healthcare, education, public transportation, the entertainment industry, corporate … We briefly explain the main advantages of the most popular sectors:

Real estate

You see more and more digital displays in the shop windows of real estate agencies, where they are more than happy to highlight the most interesting properties. Digital displays are four times brighter than television screens, so they are guaranteed to attract the attention of passers-by and potential customers. In addition, they generate four times more views than static displays.


Nowadays, digital displays are a must in retail, where every brand is fighting for the customer’s attention, so to speak. They can be used for promotion or customer engagement in the retail space or as an eye-catcher in the store window. Compared to static displays, they grab as much as four times more attention.


Digital displays are wildly popular in the hospitality industry. You see them mainly as menu boards in large fast-food chains. There, they ensure no less than 31.8% more sales. They also serve as information boards in hotels, nightclubs, and catering venues. They are not only aesthetic, but also boost customer satisfaction by 46%.


Meanwhile, digital displays are also making their entry into healthcare. They simplify communication between hospitals and healthcare facilities on the one hand and staff and patients on the other. Just think of information sharing, signing up, signage …
In addition, they also improve the level of care by allowing doctors and specialists to work more accurately.

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